Jacob Perrott and Derek Abel are the producers and directors of this project, which has been in production since 2014.
Jacob Perrott is an up and coming, socially aware Australian filmmaker with a great passion for this cause. He has experience both in film and audio productions and has contacts with several organisations that support the homeless.
Derek Abel is a registered Australian freelancer, an experienced filmmaker and member of the Australia Directors Guild and the Australian Cinematographers Society. He has directed and produced many films, including a short documentary he made in the UK called ‘Homeless, A Mile in Their Shoes‘ which was very well received in the UK, both online and on television.
Homeless Australia’s goal is to change the way the homeless are viewed and shed a new light on the issue of homelessness.
Any profits the film may accrue will be donated to charities that help with the homeless.
The ultimate goal is to raise awareness to this ever increasing issue and open a line of dialogue between those who need help and everyone else who is able to help.
The individuals in this feature film are in desperate need of a home but more importantly an emotional connection and to be seen as people.
‘Homeless Australia’ will help achieve this by letting audiences connect and see the homeless as members of society capable of turning their lives around.